Admissions & Financial Requirements

Our Admission Procedures

The most important consideration for admittance into the Waypoint Ministry Regeneration Program is a sincere desire to change with a grateful attitude. Each applicant is interviewed to see if there is a willingness to seek spiritual help. A previous spiritual relationship with God is not a pre-requisite for acceptance

Admission Process:

  • Potential applicant must call our Ministry and discuss why he desires to enter our program and fully disclose his current situation.
  • Applicant will then be required to send a letter, postal service, fax or e-mail, to include the following information:
    1. Current situation
    2. Reason for wanting to enter the Waypoint Regeneration Program
    3. What he is searching for
    4. Why he feels Waypoint is the best place for his recovery
  • Once a letter is received and approved an appointment will be scheduled to meet with our staff on Waypoint property during normal working hours. Weekend appointments will require special permission at the discretion of our Director.
  • A personal interview should in no way be interpreted as automatic acceptance into our program. The purpose of the personal interview is to discern if an applicant is truly ready and willing to receive help and how Waypoint can help meet his needs.
  • Waypoint will not accept anyone into our program who is intoxicated or under the influence of any narcotic. If detox is required, it must be completed at a medical facility and released before an applicant can be considered for our program.
  • Applicants requiring prescriptions for medical reasons or with medical conditions will be considered for acceptance on an individual basis.
  • No tobacco products of any nature are allowed. Waypoint goals are to minister to all forms of self-destructive behavior including addictions to tobacco.


    Waypoint accepts men from all walks of life and does not discriminate in any way. If an applicant is unable to provide the basics for living on our campus, we will ensure each man has what he needs during his recovery. Each Man will have a wardrobe for his belongings. (All items must be approved by Program Director at time of intake)

    Approved items to bring:

    1. Social security card and picture ID.
    2. Toiletry items
    3. (2) Towels, (3) washcloths
    4. (1) Set of twin sheets with (1) blanket and (2) pillows
    5. Seasonal casual and work clothes (No more than 2 weeks’ worth of clothing) – Clothing items must be approved at intake
    6. Tennis shoes and work boots (No more than 5 pairs)
    7. (1) Laundry basket and (1) laundry detergent
    8. (1) 2″ Notebook, notebook paper (college rule only)
    9. Envelopes / stamps
    10. Highlighters and only pencils
    11. Bible
    12. Book bag
    13. A cup with a lid or water bottle
    14. Wristwatch, hats / toboggans
    15. Alarm clock with no radio
    16. Pictures of immediate family members only (5 max, no girlfriends / fiances) – Pictures must be approved by Program Director

    Unapproved items:(DO NOT BRING) – if any of these are brought, you may be subject to denial into Waypoint Regeneration Program

    1. No electronic devices (No cell phones, CD players, iPod/iPad/Apple Watch, Laptops, no music playing devices, no devices that connect to internet)
    2. No magazines, books, pornography
    3. No drugs, alcohol, or nicotine
    4. No money
    5. No food, candy, snacks, or drinks
    6. No weapons of any kind (pocket knives, tools, etc.)
    7. No lighters and/or matches
    8. No hand sanitizer, cologne, or mouthwash
    9. No musical instruments

    Financial Arrangements

    The cost for our 12-month Regeneration Program is $12,000.  There is an additional non-refundable $500 application fee due at the time of the intake interview.  This is the equivalent of $1000 per month – $600 is for room and board, and $400 for the individuals other services including ministry/counseling, evaluations, group sessions, etc. Various forms of payment are accepted and can be discussed at time of acceptance into the program.

    If you currently have a loved one who is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, please call to talk with one of our staff members for information regarding our program and the admissions process.

    Contact us by phone