12-Month Regeneration Program

Our Regeneration Program requires a twelve-month commitment. There are four phases to the Regeneration Program:

ORIENTATION: Upon successful completion of the intake interview and acceptance into the Waypoint Ministry Regeneration Program our men begin the Orientation phase of our curriculum. During this phase there is a 30 day blackout period. Our men are not allowed to communicate with anyone outside our program, exercise, play games or read anything except their Bible.

The direction of our curriculum is focused on several Biblical tenets including a daily moral inventory, breaking strongholds and habits, evaluating restitutions, assessing relational damage, general compliance with basic instruction and a willingness to submit to authority.  Topics covered include History of Addiction, Why Am I here, Where Am I Going and Restitution. During this phase a man awakens his spirit to receive Jesus and begins developing a closer relationship with our Savior.


Upon completion of the Orientation Phase our men move to Regeneration. Through Biblical counseling, classroom teaching and small group meetings our men continue to address spiritual, mental and physical issues relative to addiction and life skills. Our curriculum includes: Aspects of Chemical Addiction (physical and mental), Denial, Rationalization and Projection Defense Mechanisms, The Christian Life and Relapse Warning Signs.

INNER HEALING: This phase of our Regeneration Program is intensely spiritual and includes lessons and exercises around Rejection, Grieving, Forgiveness, Judgements and Vows. This phase is also very challenging for our men while they develop a true, deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit and find one’s true self.

DICIPLESHIP: The final phase of our program is Discipleship. At this point our men have developed a relationship with Jesus Christ, true self and others. It is now time to learn how to be a Disciple and “Walk It Out”.  Subjects studied in this phase are geared for understanding our commitment to Christ and giving back through Discipleship. They include: Salvation, God, Commitment, Crucifixion, Righteousness, Holiness and Freedom. Also during this phase, our men are required to complete a commitment letter to themselves laying out their plan for the future. This plan includes short term and long term goals, accountability partners, spiritual and social development goals.

If you currently have a loved one who is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, please call to talk with one of our staff members for information regarding our program and the admissions process.

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