Men’s Regeneration

Chase K. – Surrender, Peace, Patience, Victoria, Aubrey, Kenleigh

Jody W. – Mother, Baby Gracie, Relationship with Son, Patience

Bryan M. – Discerning God’s Voice, Revelation, Trust, Shelby, Paige, Aiden, God’s Will

Tony S. – Brothers, Visitation with Son, Discernment of God’s Will and Voice

Kody G. – Forgiveness for Self and Others, Trust, Wisdom and Discernment

Blake D. – Perseverance, Slowing Down, Family

Zach F. – Perseverance, Patience, Forgiveness, Kids

John G. – Wisdom, Patience, Knowledge, Understanding, Perseverance

Adam H. – Restoration, Confidence, Perseverance, Family

Michael P. – Slow down, Humility, Gratitude

Austin O.– Wisdom, Discernment, Revelation of Identity, Alex and Lina

Bo L.– Slow down, Family, Health

Eddy H.– Blessing for Heather, Patience, Slowing Down, Willingness

Andy R.– Focus, Health

Servant Leadership Training

Chase A.– Family, Patience, Trust

Josh O. – Family, Healing, Relationship with Father, Wisdom,

Austin M– Guidance, Finances, Peace

Brandon C. – Wisdom, Revelation, Guidance, Prosperity                                    

Tyler T. – Healing, Willingness, Family

God’s restoration in families and to speak truth and life into the lives of men and women who are struggling with addiction.


If you currently have a loved one who is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, please call to talk with one of our staff members for information regarding our program and the admissions process.

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