Craig’s List

We started the new industry of selling on Craig’s List in the spring of 2013. We found that there were many items in our thrift store that did not meet the requirements we had established for our E-Bay program, but needed more exposure than just the Thrift Store.

As we determine these items, we list them on Craig’s List while maintaining them for sale in our Thrift Store. This gives us the ability to reach more people, and also gives people who are looking for a certain item a way to search our inventory.

We have found this industry very valuable in teaching the men how to evaluate the value of items and market them to the public, and it also helps in teaching computer skills. We are very excited about the potential we have with the growth of our Craig’s List Industry.

If you currently have a loved one who is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, please call to talk with one of our staff members for information regarding our program and the admissions process.

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