Prayer List

Men’s Prayer List

Each week the men have an opportunity to write down their individual prayer needs.

Weekly Men’s Prayer List

Ongoing Prayer List

Please pray for the men in our program. Pray for their healing – emotional, spiritual and physical – as they put their lives back together.

Please pray for the men’s families as they face “doing life” on their own. Pray especially for the wives and children of the men in the program. This is a tough time for them and they need your prayers. Please pray that the families can grow along with the men.

Please pray for the physical, spiritual, emotional and financial needs of the Waypoint staff and their families. Please pray for the staff to keep their focus centered on Jesus and leading the men to do the same. Please pray for staff unity.

Please pray for the board of directors as they tend to and execute the vision, goals, and projects of this ministry, for discernment in all decisions and to hear God’s voice in all areas where decisions are required.

Please pray for the Long Range Planning Committee as they work on needs for 2014 and beyond for Waypoint.

Please pray for God’s direction in securing property for the growth of our programs and our industries.

Please pray for the men and their families who call here searching for help. Pray that all beds will be filled.

Please pray for next Friends of Waypoint luncheon.

Please pray that as the community surrounding Waypoint hears about this ministry, they respond as God leads to participate and volunteer.

Please pray for ministry supporters in giving of their time, talents and money to further the reach of this ministry’s capabilities. Pray for donations to help cover the costs of men on scholarships.

Please pray for God’s grace to surround Waypoint with His peace.


Thank you so much for your prayers.



If you currently have a loved one who is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, please call to talk with one of our staff members for information regarding our program and the admissions process.

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