Servant Leadership Training (SLT)

Upon completion of the Waypoint Ministry Regeneration Program, a graduate may elect to stay another year at Waypoint and enter the Servant Leadership Training phase (SLT).  SLT is a one-year commitment for men who want to give back to Waypoint and are called into the recovery ministry. As SLT our men begin to put into practice what they have learned through a series of studies, mentoring others in the Regeneration Program and assuming leadership, supervision rolls within our industries. This provides our men an opportunity to properly use their spiritual gifts and to facilitate small groups as they deepen their understanding of a call to ministry and missions.

Our SLT’s also assist in teaching our men in our Regeneration Program, working hand in hand with our teachers in an interim relationship. Our SLT’s learn firsthand how to minister to our men, speaking truth in love and we feel there is no substitute or limitation for hands on training.