Men’s Weekly Prayer List

Men’s Regeneration

Chase K. – Honesty, Faith, Guidance, Patience, Victoria and the Girls

John H.– Strength to understand God’s Will, Family

Jody W. – Productive Future, Revelation, Patience, Mother, Son and Sister

Bryan M. –God’s Will, Courage, Wisdom, Guidance, Shelby, Paige and Aiden

Tony S. – See Son Soon, God’s Calling, Overcome Addiction, Parenting Skills

Kody G. – Forgiveness, Identity in Christ, Purpose

Blake D. – Courage, Confidence, Family, Liam and Mom

Zach F. – Discerning God’s Voice, Focusing on Eternity, Kyle, Lily, Aster, Tiffany, Samantha

John G. – Confidence, Guidance Patience, Conviction, Rest, Samantha, Jordan, Jesse and Virginia

Brandon C. – Rest, Prosperity, Wisdom, Guidance

Tyler T. Family, Courage, God’s Will, Patience, Relationship with Father

Brett B. – Direction, Confidence in God’s Will, Family

Adam- Clarity, Perseverance, Confidence, Family

Scotty– Submission to God, Conviction, Truth, Anger, Healing, Strength for Sarah and Joy for Jules, Lindy, Cammie, Kaya

Jacob– Courage, Guidance, Conviction, Direction, God’s Will, Family

Brandon B.– Anger, Conviction, Courage, Wisdom, Defeat Addiction, Submission

Michael P. – Peace, Courage, Cooperative, Positive Results

Servant Leadership Training

Chase A.– Mother, Brother, Dad, Focus

Mike A.– Patience, Trust in God’s Plan, Family, Rest

Josh O. – Family Restoration, Relationship with Father, Leadership, Wisdom, Discover Where Inner Pain Has Come From

Austin M- Surrender, Peace, Ability to Return to Society

God’s restoration in families and to speak truth and life into the lives of men and women who are struggling with addiction.



If you currently have a loved one who is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, please call to talk with one of our staff members for information regarding our program and the admissions process.

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