Men’s Weekly Prayer List

Men’s Regeneration

Tracie C. – Family, obedience, faith

Carey R. – Self-control, self-confidence, Daughters

Jody W. – Family, wisdom

Bryan M. – Strength, patience, wisdom, Family

Tony S. – Family, people on drugs, humility

Jeremy R. – Alek, Malista, humility

Kody G. – Patience, peace, knowledge of God’s will, Family

Blake D. – Family, Liam, Maddie, humility, surrender

Zach F. – Patience, revelation, kids

John G. – Focus, determination, willingness, Jordan (brother) 

Dustin H.– Mom, Family, Heather, peace

Brandon C. – Family, John Smith, wisdom, Waypoint

Tyler T. –  Visit, healing in Family, court case

Brett B. – Discernment, Jennifer, Family

Matt O. – Spiritual growth, revelation, Hawk, Family

Josh O. – Learn to submit, humility, Family, wisdom

Mike A. – Family, Kelly, kids, wisdom

Servant Leadership Training

James C. – Keep pushing in, more work, Amber and the kids, Mom

Chase A. – Patience, Caleb, Carter, Family, willingness

Jimmie Z. – Ciara and her parents, Family, assurance

Baker J. – God to open doors to job, direction, trust, Family

God’s restoration in families and to speak truth and life into the lives of men and women who are struggling with addiction.