Men’s Weekly Prayer List

Men’s Regeneration

Jeremy R. – Open his eyes, openness, Family

Kody G. – Forgiveness, Mother’s health

Blake D. – Family, humility

Zach F. – Family, patience, humility

Jason P. – Family, patience

John G. – Mother, Grandmother, confidence

Nick L. – Strength, to be used by God, surrender, Family

Dustin H.– Heather, forgiveness

Brandon C. – Family, strength, wisdom

Tyler T. –  Family, trust, healing

Brett B. – Wisdom, new perspective 

Matthew O. – Honesty, transparency, Chris, Lake, Hawk, Katie

Josh O. – Healing for Daughter, learn to love in a healthy way, Family, to walk in truth and forgiveness 

Mike A. – Patience, Jenna, Penny, Family

Mark K. – Family, transparency, Family

James C. – Family, humility

Servant Leadership Training

Chase A. – Family, Mom, humility, growth

Aaron R. – Patience, favor, Rob R. peace of mind

Jimmie Z. – Family, rest, be still

Baker J. – Guidance, wisdom, transition period, Family

David P. – Peace, direction, Family

Mike G. – Family, clarity, trust

God’s restoration in families and speak truth and life into the lives of men and women who struggle with addiction.